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4 Aces Urban Art Game 

Curatory Pérola Bonfanti
Creation Pérola Bonfanti, Marília Vasconcellos, Nicolina Tyler and Zel Nonnenberg.

4 ACES is an urban art game developed for Vienna and implemented by the international group of artists Pérola Bonfanti, Nicolina Tyler, Zel Nonnenberg and Marília Vasconcellos. The curatory and direction of Pérola Bonfanti, the project was created for the Hofburg, Vienna with the partnership of the Burghauptmannschaft, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Spanish Riding School, the Imperial Treasury, Ars Electronica Solutions, the Museum Albertina and the Fokus Media House; overall coordination lies with CC Real.
The project looks at the significance of Time and Urban Space, viewed from different perspectives. The aim is to inspire people and to make them sensitive to the great questions of mankind in a playful way. The three perspectives of Time are: Time the Devourer, Time as Eternity and Time as the Exact Moment. 
The game combines reality and virtuality. This “augmented reality“ allows people to have a unique art experience in the public space by opening hidden doors, thus revealing secrets and bringing new insights. 
The new digital reality is changing the way we perceive time, space and reality, our objective is to experience with the new possiblities.
To know more about:

Ace of Clubs at the Albertina Museum, Vienna 
Charcoal on cotton canvas, vieuxchene, silver leaf on wood, old indian door, concrete and electronic locker.
240 X 110 Cm
October 14

Curious tourists at the Ace of diamonds, Imperial Treasury, Hofburg, Vienna. 

4 Aces app pages

Player and tourist at the Joker's door, Art History Museum, Vienna.

Local public at the Ace of Hearts, Burggarten, Hofburg, VIenna.

Detail of the Ace of Clubs.

Interior piece of the Ace of Clubs
Wood, vieuxchene and silver leaf on fabric.
172 X 83 cm
September 2014

Interior piece of the Ace of Diamonds
Wood, vieuxchene and gold leaf on fabric.
179 X 107 cm
September 2014

Interior piece of the Ace of Spades
Wood, vieuxchene and silver leaf on fabric.
187 X 110 cm
September 2014

Interior piece of the Ace of Hearts
Wood, vieuxchene and gold leaf on fabric.
187 X 116,5 cm
September 2014

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